1. Security
  2. PCI compliance
  3. Retrieve a quote
  4. Address validation
  5. Booking a reservation
  6. Viewing your trips
  7. View trip status and the vehicle location
  8. Changing a reservation
  9. Cancelling a reservation
  10. Creating an account
  11. Logging into your account
  12. Changing your account settings including credit card information
  13. Administrator functions
  14. Viewing invoices


We use a Go Daddy Class 2 SSL certificate to protect your personal and credit card information. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the industry standard tool that encrypts information and keeps the data private and confidential between your PC and the SilentDispatchTM servers. This technology makes it safe to transmit your credit card number over the Internet where it is securely stored in a PCI compliant way.

To verify that the certificate is in effect and your information is protected, look for the lock symbol on your internet browser, usually found in the lower left hand corner or to the right of the address line at the top. lock.jpg

PCI compliance

All credit card information is stored in the PCI compliant CIM (Customer Information Manager). PCI compliance is a standard developed by the credit card industry in order to protect your credit card information from theft when it resides on remote servers.

When you put your credit card information into this web site, the number is stored securely on the servers, and cannot be viewed by any staff member who may process credit cards at any time.

Retrieve a quote

To receive a quote go to the front page by clicking on the Home tab, and choose the type of service from the drop-down menu. The types of service can vary depending on what your transportation provider supports, but typically you will see to and from the airport, street to street, and hourly rental.

type of service.jpg

After you have selected your type of service, fill in the remaining information and including how many people are traveling, date and time of service, pick-up and drop-off addresses, and whether you require a round tripbefore clicking on the Next button.

home page next button.jpg

If Address validation is successful, you will be shown a page of one or more vehicle types with a price quote for each one shown. If you have checked the round trip box, then you will be shown the price for each way and a total. If you want to redo the quote click on the Home tab and you will be taken to the front page where you can redo the parameters for your trip.

Address validation

In order to Retrieve a quote street addresses, locations, and airports need to be validated. To aid in this task the most recent validated addresses appear in a dropdown list when you start typing into the address field, from which you can select any entry.

address type aheads.jpg

When typing in an address it is sometimes helpful to provide the city with the location, so that Google business search can adequately narrow down the list of possible address matches. A good example is to type in the name of a business, followed by the city which you wish to find the business. In the example below we type in 'Hilton hotel Chicago', and when we press the Next key we see a screen that contains several choices from which to choose. When we find the hotel we want in the list on the left, we click on the selection and then press the select key in the pop-up window that appears on the map, as drawn in the picture below.

Booking a reservation

After receiving a quote we can book the trip by clicking on the [book trip] link that appears underneath possible vehicle types.

book trip item Once you click on the book trip item, you are taken to the second page where you can now type in additional information about the trip, including the passenger names, flight information, and special instructions. When you are satisfied click on the Next button found at the bottom of the page.

second page next button

If you are not logged in as an account, you will be taken to the payment page where you must put in your credit card information. When you press the Next button and after your credit card has successfully been validated, you will be shown the page with the trip confirmation number. You can click on the [details] item at the bottom of this page to see more information about this trip.

trip details item

Viewing your trips

When you are logged into your account, you can click on the Trips tab to view all your current and future trips. The trips are listed in order of the pick-up date and show the confirmation number or ID, time and date, pick-up and drop-off locations, and the trip status.

view trips

To refresh this page and get the latest trip status, click on the Trip tab. You can also click on the trip item to view all the trip information, and change or cancel the trip. At the bottom of the page is the [closed trips] link which will show you depending on the date range you select any past or closed trips for the account. Closed trips are ones that have been invoiced, paid by credit card, or cancelled.

View trip status and the vehicle location

The current status of a trip is displayed by Viewing your trips, and looking at the trip status for each trip that is displayed. The status can be 'Processing', 'Accepted', 'Vehicle en route', 'Vehicle on location', 'Passengers on board', 'Vehicle at drop', 'Passengers dropped off'', and 'Cancelled'. To update the trip status click on the Trip tab. If the vehicle is en route and the vehicle is being tracked, it can be seen on a map by clicking on the trip item, and then the [VIEW MAP] item at the bottom of the screen. You can repeatedly click on the [VIEW MAP] item to get the latest reported vehicle position.

view map item

Changing a reservation

Once you book a reservation and receive a confirmation number, you may be able make changes to the trip. To change a trip, from the trip landing page shown below, click on the [CHANGE TRIP] link at the bottom of the page. If there is no [CHANGE TRIP] link it is because allowable period to change the trip as dictated by the transportation provider is over. If this period is not to your liking you may call your provider and lobby to change it.

chnage trip item

After pressing [CHANGE TRIP] click on the item that you wish to change on the right side of the window. After changing the information, you must click on the [submit changes] link found underneath your vehicle choice, at which point the system will provide a message indicating the changes have been made.

Cancelling a reservation

To cancel a trip, from the trip landing page click on the [CANCEL TRIP] item at the bottom of the page. If there is no [CANCEL TRIP] link it is because allowable period to cancel the trip as dictated by the transportation provider is over. If this period is not to your liking you may call your provider and lobby to change it.

cancel item

Once you cancel a trip you will notice that it is removed from your trips list, which is because the trip has now been closed and can be viewed by looking at the closed trip list. Once a trip is cancelled it cannot be restored from this web site, but you can either call your transportation provider to restore it, or create another trip.

Creating an account

To create an account from this web site, book a reservation and on the page where you enter your credit card information, check the box at the bottom of the page labeled 'create an account'. Once you press the [book trip] option, a login ID and password will be sent to the email address you provided on this form.

create an account

If you want to setup a billing account, please contact your transportation provider via phone

Logging into your account

To login to your account, click on the login item found at the bottom of the page.

login item

If you know your login ID and password, type it in to the appropriate fields and press the LOGIN button. If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'I forgot' link which will take you to a screen where you can retrieve your login id and password by providing your email address and billing zip code.

login screen

If you have an account setup for billing and want login credentials as an administrator, click on the link at the bottom of the page which says 'Click here if you already have an account and want to use it on this site'. You will be taken to a page and prompted for the email address stored in this account, and one other piece of information that you should know. After clicking on the FIND ACCOUNT button and if your information matches the records stored in the system, you will receive a message indicating your login credentials have been emailed to the address on file.

Changing your account settings including credit card information

Once you are logged into an account, from the account landing page pictured below you can click on the [CHANGE SETTINGS] item found at the bottom of the page.

change settings item

If you are logged in as an administrator of a billing account, you can change the information on this page including the password and account email address. If you are logged in as a credit card account, or a profile of a billing account, you will see your credit card information which you may change from here. Once you have made the changes in the form, click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button at the bottom of the page.

Administrator functions

If you are logged in as a top level account administrator, there are several options available to you to manage the account and any passenger profiles which may exist as part of this account. From the home page, if any profiles exist for this account, you will see the [USE PROFILE/VIP] item at the bottom of the page.
use profile item

When you click on this item, you will see a list of names which are profiles that can be selected and used in this trip. Included in the profiles are the default pickup and drop-off locations, trip preferences, and typically another payment method such as credit card.

profile list

When you book a trip using a profile, before the trip is booked a list of available payment types is displayed. Because you are the account administrator, you can select a different payment for this trip which will be used to pay for this trip. In practical usage, you can book a trip using the billing to the account as opposed to charging it to the credit card stored in the passenger profile.

payment selection

If you want to create a new profile, book the trip using the passengers name and put the email address into the OnApproachTM link, and check the box at the bottom of the page labeled 'save profile/VIP for future use'. If you want to allow that passenger to login to the site and use their profile, check the box labeled 'Allow profile/VIP to login to site'. When this box is checked an email containing login credentials is sent to the email address saved in the OnApproachTM link.

save profile options

As an administrator you can also manage the passenger profiles by clicking on the My Account tab, and the [PROFILES] link at the bottom of the page. Once you see the list of profiles, you can delete the profile, or modify the profile information, excluding the credit card information which only the profile owner can do.

Viewing invoices

If your account is setup for direct billing, you can view your invoices from this web interface. To view your invoices, click on the My Account tab and the [INVOICE LIST] item at the bottom of the page.

invoice list

The invoices for this account are listed in order of creation date. You can view any of these invoices including trip details by clicking on the invoice line item.

invoices listed